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Crowd founder

Crowd founder or retail investor is who invest small amount of money, from 10 thousand Dong up to few million Dong and get SunVibe Tokens. Token Owners receive monthly dividends based on a calculated earnings produced by solar panels and able to sell their tokens or buy others tokens on the Token Marketplace. Therefore the investment liquid and the investors can exit anytime.

Roof lender

Roof lender or house owner is who without any investment can earn and save money on electricity produced by the solar panels installed to his/her rooftop. To become roof lender it is necessary to meet various conditions and need to sign the roof landing contract with SunVibe who represent the Token holders.


Installer or constructor is the company who has license and experience to install the panels on the Lenders’ rooftop. Installers are contractors of

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Try with a small investment in SunVibe application and enjoy the daily dividends from renewable energy.
"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong

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About Us

Oliver Nadj - profile picture
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Oliver Nadj

I live in Asia since more than 5 years and work for the biggest eCommerce company in Southeast Asia as tech manager.
I interested about affordable, renewable energy. That is why I am here.

Federico Bestiani

I have worked in solar energy for more than 10 yeard, this is my passion, after working in large projects in Europe and Asia. I am now leader of an Engineering and construction company specialized in PV rooftop projects in Southeast Asia.

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